Bishop Auckland Hand Car Wash Service

Bishop Auckland Hand Car Wash Service

As part of our everyday lives, it’s no wonder that our vehicles could do with a professional, thorough clean from time to time. At Soapycar, our team understand how important it is that your local valet and hand car wash delivers everything you need – quality cleaning, reliable friendly staff, fast turnaround and most importantly great prices.Hand-Car-Wash-Bishop Auckland

Our hand car wash still remains one of our most popular offerings – and it’s clear to see why. The treatment begins with a very effective yet super gentle pre-wash that works hard to tackle surface grime and dirt. Your car is then pressure washed from top to bottom for that extra lift of surface contaminants. After that step it is time to get the sponges out!

Why is a Hand Car Wash better than an Automated Car Wash?

Petrol station automated car washes are not car friendly, they use huge high speed wash towers that scrub dirt from your car, and others before your car, inflicting swirl marks & in some cases causing damage to your car. The chemicals used can often turn your chrome work dull, milky and permanently damaged. This is why people prefer to go for a hand car wash other than an automated wash.

Bishop Auckland Hand Car Wash

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