Car Wash Gallery

Our Car Wash In Bishop Auckland

Looking for a professional valeting and car wash centre in Bishop Auckland? is a premium car care centre offering these services.

For most of us our car will be the second most expensive purchase we will make in our lifetime, with this in mind our experienced staff at SoapyCar are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your car helping to retain its value and creating a more enjoyable driving experience.

The International Carwash Association (ICA) recommends using a professional car wash  frequently to protect against the damaging effects on your vehicles paintwork from  bird droppings, acid rain, salt, paint oxidation and road grime. We use products which are biodegradable and safe for the environment, for this reason using a professional car wash such as is more environmentally friendly and uses less water than home washes.

Here is our gallery to show you that we take very good care of your car and provide the best car wash and valet in Bishop Auckland and surrounding areas!

The easiest way to keep your car from getting dirty is to clean it once and make sure it stays that way.

If your car is always clean, you will be more inclined to toss out any rubbish right away. Similar to the dirty laundry analogy: If you have one pair of dirty socks on the floor, it’s much easier to put that second pair there, then the third, then the…. Eventually it becomes a mess. Once it’s clean, it’s easy to keep it clean.

Also, if your passengers see a clean car, they will notice and clean up after themselves, not to mention compliment how clean your car is!